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How To Avoid Foreclosure By Selling Your Home For Cash In Long Island

What Are Some Benefits When Selling My Home While Facing Foreclosure?

Stop foreclosure Is avoiding foreclosure on your wishlist? Facing foreclosure on your Long Island home can be terrifying. But try not to panic. Prestige Home Buyers can help you avoid the negative consequences of foreclosing on your home by purchasing your home for cash!

According to Attom Data, in 2018 over 600,000 people lost their homes to foreclosure. The financial impact a foreclosure can have on you is catastrophic. Aside from losing your house, it can take at least 7 years before you can apply for another mortgage. Your credit card debt will increase and so will your interest. Not to mention, you could still be liable for property taxes (in most cases you are). A foreclosure usually takes 3-6 months all together, which could take longer depending on where you live. Nonetheless, time flies by and if you wait too long, it could be too late to find a solution. If you’d like to sell and not have to worry about any foreclosure penalties you could incur as well as all the stress that comes with it, give us a (631) 336-9166 and sell your house fast.

How Much Time Do I Have Before My Home Goes To Foreclosure?

Avoid foreclosure by acting quickly! Typically, a foreclosure takes about 3-6 months. If you know that you won’t be able to get up to date on your payments, you’re better off looking for a solution as soon as possible! If you just want to sell your home quickly, we can help!

Are There Any Other Benefits For Selling My Foreclosure Property For Cash?

There are many benefits to selling your foreclosing home for cash, including:sell before foreclosure

  • You receive cash in as little as 30 days
  • We stop foreclosure and you’re able to move on with your life
  • We here to focus on helping you
  • You avoid credit damage, penalties, fees and so on that could follow you for a long time

Can I Still Sell My Home Shortly After It Has Been Foreclosed On?

You actually can! Even though your home is foreclosed on, you still have a certain period of time to sell it. Many people get this confused and believe that once it’s been foreclosed, they lost the house. It has to be done quickly though so at this point selling to a cash investor is most likely your only choice.

Does It Matter How fast I Sell My Foreclosing Home?

The quicker the better. Why wait when there are countless things that could go wrong and time flies like the speed of light. The sooner you find a solution whether it’s with us or not; the quicker you move on and don’t have to deal with this stress.


What Are The Consequences If I Just Let My Home Foreclose?prevent foreclosure

Well for starters your credit takes a drastic hit and you can expect it to be damaged for at least 7 years (for more info on credit click here). You face potential penalties such as tax penalties and deficiency judgements. You also won’t qualify for a loan for a very long time and have a hard time finding a place to rent as well.


Why Should I Consider Selling My Home For Cash To Avoid Foreclosure?

The best reason is because we offer a quick and easy solution. We’ll buy your house fast, as is and for our highest possible price. We believe there’s no better way to solve a looming foreclosure than selling your house for cash to a trustworthy investor.


If you are looking to sell your home for cash to avoid foreclosure, Prestige Home Buyers would love to help. With many years in the business, we know how to help you sell your home quickly and efficiently. Contact us for any questions you might have and on how we can help you avoid foreclosing on your home!

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