How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash In NY?

Sell your house the fast way

How Do I Sell My House Fast In New York?

You might be wondering how to sell your house fast without commissions, fees, realtors, and other worries that come with selling a house. Or you might just be interested in selling and looking to see what options are available. Either way we’d be happy to give you a run through of what you can do.  

You’ve probably asked yourself one of these questions: “How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash?” “how do I sell my house fast without being taken advantage off“, or How do I sell my NY home fast while still getting a good offer. These are all valid questions.

Here are even more:

“How do i sell my house fast?” “How do i sell my house now?” “How do i sell my house quickly?” “How do i sell on my terms?” “How do i sell my house to an investor i can trust?” “How do i sell my house to BBB accredited buyers?” “How do i sell my house with a realtor?” “How do i sell my house without a realtor?” “How do i sell my house ASAP?”

So.. what if I told you that after reading this article you will know everything you need to know and EXACTLY how to sell your house?

So this is it:

I’ll break it down step by step so you make an informed decision~

Here’s How To Sell Your Home In The Next 30 Days!

When it comes to selling your house the first thing people might think of is:

“Should I get an agent to sell my house?”

Is This Ideal For You?

Do you have 3-6 months to sell? (or maybe longer). Are you willing to pay a hefty commission so someone else can handle the process for you? Or is the house in great condition that it’s probably best to sell it to a conventional buyer?

If any of these fit your criteria then yes, using an agent would most likely be best!

A great agent (which we also have a division of agents) can handle everything for you so you don’t have to worry about a single thing. If the house is in pristine condition, you’ll be better off selling to a first time home buyer with conventional financing in order to get market value for your property.

If any of these don’t fit your criteria then using an agent most likely won’t work!

If you don’t have 3-6 months to sell or your house then using an agent wouldn’t sell your house sooner. If you don’t have a property that’s in great condition and needs some work then a first time home buyer will most likely not be interested. Conventional financing in most cases would also not work if the house needs a lot of work. Also forgot to mention a lot of agents might not be very knowledgable so they won’t really be taking care of everything for you.

If you want to sell your home in New York; a company like Prestige Home Buyers will sell it fast, and get rid of all potential issues that can cause delays. Be honest with yourself about the condition of the house because you can expect any buyer to have an inspection done which will take some time to schedule. If the inspection reveals something you were hiding, you can expect a lot more delays, mistrust, or worse, a potential buyer now walking away.

Sell my house to an investor or agent?

1.   What Is Your House Worth?

Homeowners often get attached to the home so much that they lose track of what the house is actually worth. They’re emotional attachment has them thinking it’s worth more than the actual market value. Zillow gives a “zestimate” that is wrong 90-95% of the time and the reason is because it uses algorithms and averages to get “zestimates” even if your house is completely different then the one that sold down the block. Zillow also doesn’t include market variables and many many other things that are factored in when pricing a home.

In order to get the value, ask an agent or investor to give you a CMA which is a comparable market analysis of your property. This is based off using similar properties with the same sq ft, bedrooms, baths, and style that sold in the last 6 months within a .5 mile radius. Other factors are also included but this is a big portion of it.

2.   How Do You Sell Your House Quickly?

The lower the price the faster it will sell.  So how do you find the right price?

Price It A Little Below Market Value If You List It Or Sell To A Cash Buyer.

Need to sell fast? Now that you know what the market value is of your house in the condition that it’s in, you’re going to want to decide whether you want to sell with an agent or sell to an investor.

If you sell with an agent, price slightly below market value to attract buyers that might be searching for homes under a certain price but can still pay a little more. This allows your home to be viewed by more buyers and it also attracts buyers that might be looking at a similar house that’s priced higher. Oh, and it would definitely cause a bidding war if there’s a demand.

If you sell to an investor, they won’t pay market value BUT they’ll close quickly if that’s what you want (as fast as 2 weeks even). They’ll cover all costs and the offer will be guaranteed because it’s not financing, it’s cash. I’ll talk about this more in a little bit.

3.   How Do You Avoid Obstacles?

Sell your house by being honest and clear. Communication is key to every transaction and life itself! If there’s any liens on the property, back taxes, other decision makers, and so on… the key to selling your property is being open and honest so these issues can be solved upfront.

As mentioned before conventional financing could go south for someone looking to buy your house if things come up during the inspection, or things come up on title so be clear with your agent if you take this route.

Selling fast and selling for cash are very similar. If you need to relocate, going through a divorce, need to pay some bills, or just need to sell for any other reason, selling to a cash home buyer is your best solution.

cash for keys

How Do I Sell My House In New York For A Fair Price?

Just know that selling fast and to trying to get the most out of a property don’t usually mix. An investor is in business to fix and flip or buy and hold so if they pay market value for your house, they would not be able to sell it for a profit. They would actually be losing money because of all the costs involved so they’d thus be out of business. If you want to sell for cash, sell fast, and sell easily, an investor can help and can still get you a fair offer (just not market value).

When selling to an investor it is not a good idea to put money into repairs. Investors like Prestige Home Buyers usually have lower costs and overhead so they’re able to get the most done on the house for the lowest costs. If you decide to make some repairs, keep in mind that you won’t get back what you put into it. Homeowners according to NYSAR usually only get about 70% back of what they invest into the property if it was done within the last year. So you’re better off just leaving it as is!

Sometimes investors might even need to make certain fixes that are more appealing to the current buyers in order to sell it down the road when they put it back up for sale. So if you fix it, the investor might then have to undo it. Now, if you plan on listing the property, by all means just fix everything up yourself!

Summary: How DO I Sell My House Fast For Cash?

Sell your house fast for cash by selling to a cash home buyer that’s local. Make sure they provide you with multiple solutions so you can be informed and decide what works best for you. Make sure they are knowledgeable and truly have your best interests at heart. Us at Prestige Home Buyers pride ourselves on giving the most value we can humanly give you and helping you solve your problems IF and only IF we think its the best solution for you. if you’d like to know how we calculate offers visit here.

Sell Your House To A Cash Buyer!

Selling your property to a cash buyer, is a great option if you need to sell fast yet still getting a fair offer on your house. When a company like Prestige Home Buyers buys your house for cash, we’re able to pay off all your past debt, back taxes or any other expenses that you might currently have. In doing this we can help you sell your house and put cash in your pocket.

Selling your house to an investor would mean that you’re selling the house without having to do anything to it if you don’t want to. You don’t have to worry about repairs and you can sell your house quickly for a fair price. I almost forgot that you can also sell on your terms, when you want (fast or slow), and if you need help with moving expenses; we can help you with that to!

We buy houses in all conditions and all different types of situations so as a cash buyer it’s our responsibility to help you and your needs. We are also responsible for taking on all the risks that might come with the property but that’s OK b/c it’s what we love to do!

Sell to an investor or at least consider it if you don’t want to deal with any repairs, commissions, or hassles of working with realtors. If you don’t mind working with a realtor, we provide experts in all areas of NY. But overall, if you want a quick, easy sale give us a call or fill out a form and we’ll be happy to find a solution that best works for you!

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